.NET - Entity Framework Core notes

.NET - Increase Console.Readline 254 character limit

.NET Core notes

Bash - Disable beep of Linux Bash on Windows 10

Bash - Linux commands

Bash - Scripting notes

Bash - less vs more

Bash - more notes

Bash aliases notes

Bash notes

C - Dynamically allocated arrays

C - Initialize array of strings

C - Memory allocation

C - Pointers

C and C++ main() methods

C# - Collections notes

C# - File operations

C++ notes

CMake notes

Data Structures & Algorithms - Binary Tree Traversals

Data Structures & Algorithms - Binary search

Design Patterns - Singleton

Git - Duplicate a repository

Git - Keep your fork up-to-date with the original repository

Git - Move GitHub repo

Git - Switch remote URL from HTTPS to SSH

Git - cannot 'squash' or 'fixup' without a previous commit

Git - ensure LF on Windows

Git notes

Homebrew notes

Java - Configure JDK in IntelliJ IDEA

Java - Formatter

Java - swap two numbers without using temp var

Java notes

JavaScript - Animated Typing

JavaScript - Difference between for, foreach,, for...of

JavaScript - Finding duplicate values in an array

JavaScript - Generate random values

JavaScript - Get all files in a directory

JavaScript - Modules

JavaScript - Regular Expression 'g' flag

JavaScript - Regular Expression notes

JavaScript - Regular Expression to validate RGB/HSL CSS colors

JavaScript - nodegarden notes

JavaScript - substring vs substr

JavaScript miscellaneous notes

JavaScript notes

Jekyll notes

Katex notes

Kotlin notes

Markdown notes

MySQL - Duplicate tables

MySQL - Remote access

MySQL - Windows installation

MySQL indexes notes

MySQL notes

Netlify notes

Puppeteer notes

Python - Configure PyCharm Python interpreter

Python - Create virtual environment with venv and virtualenv

Python - Install pyenv on Mac

Python - Install pyenv on Ubuntu and Fedora

Python - pyenv notes

Python on Windows

Qt notes

React notes

Regular Expression - Quantifiers

Ruby - rbenv notes

SQLite - Create person database and insert data

SQLite - Import a CSV file into a SQLite database

SQLite notes

Sass notes

Sed notes

Ubuntu - Make screencasts

Ubuntu - Resize windows

Ubuntu - Take screenshots

Ubuntu notes

Visual Studio notes

Windows - Environment variables

Windows - Keyboard shortcuts

Windows - Kill process by port

Windows - Turn off Recent Items and Frequent Places

Windows notes


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