Git - cannot 'squash' or 'fixup' without a previous commit

author: Paul Kim

categories: git

tags: git

Sometimes, I want to squash my second commit with my first commit:

Normally, I would do something like this, but there is only one other commit in the upstream. So I get a fatal error:

So I interactively rebase up one commit upstream.

Now I need to edit the rebase todo file.

But I cannot squash the commit without a previous commit.

Otherwise, I get an error:

Also, I cannot fixup the commit without a previous commit.

Again, I get an error:

So, I abort this rebase.

And try again.

This time, we edit the commit (which doesn't require a previous commit):

This time, there is no error.

Before we amend the commit, we need to have the HEAD point to the first commit:

Now we can amend the commit. Optionally, without editing the commit message:

Continue with the rebase.

Force push the changes upstream.

And now, I'm able to merge my second commit into my first commit.


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