JavaScript - nodegarden notes

author: Paul Kim

categories: js

tags: js

I want to write some notes on how to use nodegarden. For a demo, check out My forked Github repo. I created a branch called test-changes on my fork.


  1. clone the repo
  2. install missing dependencies
  3. customize (change color, etc.)
  4. build html, css, js
  5. run/test

Clone nodegarden repo and install dependencies

git clone
cd nodegarden/
npm i -D pug-cli

Customize (change colors)

edit colors in:

  • css/index.styl (body background color)
  • scripts/nodegarden.js (ctx.fillStyle and ctx.strokeStyle)

Build html/css/js

npm run dev


open docs/index.html. (no need to start web server. just open file in browser.)



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