Python - Configure PyCharm Python interpreter

author: Paul Kim

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Configure PyCharm Python Interpreter

When you create a new project, Pycharm will look for Python interpreters in certain places (i.e., /usr/bin/). If you want to add additional Python interpreters (i.e., pyenv), you need to add that yourself.

New Project

Go to Configure -> Settings -> Project Interpreter and click on the gear icon. This will open the Project Interpreters dialog.

Settings for New Project

On the Project Interpreters dialog, click on the + icon to add a new Python interpreter. This will open the Add Python Interpreter dialog.

Project Interpreters

On the Add Python Interpreter dialog, select the Existing environment radio button. Then select the Python Interpreter from the Interpreter dropdown. Optionally, check the Make available to all projects checkbox.

Add Python Interpreter

Now you should have a Python interpreter configured in Pycharm

New Project


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